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Regarding Civil War Reproductions from The Old Glory Drum Shop...

Civil War Drum Shown here is the 16x12 version of the US government Civil War contract drum. Like earlier versions made more than a century and a half ago, this drum has an 1/8 inch thick shell, overlapped and not butt-seamed like some contemporary Civil War reproductions.

An authentic Civil War tack pattern of solid brass surrounds a Stag Horn eyepiece. The Eagle design has been painted in oils by an artist and is complemented with fine calfskin heads, hand sewn period ears and imported linen rope from Ireland. Tuning adjustments are made with the best snare strainer to come out of the Civil War that was used by both the North and the South.

Plastic heads and plastic boat rope are not used on this drum. Be as authentic as you can....

"Honor the fallen on both sides"

A Message To Some Re-enactors...

This maker of drums was watching a program on TV entitled "The War Unfinished" in which men described how they strove for and prided themselves on authenticity. The next day I watched one of the Civil War battles and there was a Union drummer boy with his drum roped with plastic and with plastic heads. (He did get shot in the battle.)

Reading Material for the Perspective Buyer

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Echoes of Glory, Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy — pages 218 - 229 — Time Life Books
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