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Jon Leuer quietly had himself a solid game, racking up 9 points, 4 assists, and 5 rebounds in 23 minutes of play. Leuer was clearly looking to get his outside jumper going, and that he did, showing his abilities as a floor stretching big who can’t be left unguarded from the elbows.
We work hard to model an economy for the day when the equations of earth’s economy and global ecology must be made to balance for the preservation of both. For make no mistake, the time has come when the two are mutually dependent, and we can no longer court the failure of either if we aspire to continue on with civilization and the natural world as we have known them.
Salem had been having loads of success with the ground game up to that point in the season, so Swampscott stacked the line defensively by putting nine men in the box. Perrone opted to open up the passing game and Stellato responded with a breakout day.

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